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Harry must have had more haircuts than the rest of the boys in his class put together, but it made no difference, his hair simply grew that way - all over the place.
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”I like men with quick wit, good conversation and a great sense of humour. I love banter. I want a man to like me for me - I want him to be authentic.”

random harry potter stuff part 1/?

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you care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it.

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[…] “Did you see me disarm Hermione, Harry?” 
“Only once,” said Hermione, stung. “I got you loads more than you got me -” 
“I did not only get you once, I got you at least three times -” 
“Well, if you’re counting the one where you tripped over your own feet and knocked the wand out of my hand -”

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ϟ The Magic Begins Challenge:  Favourite Canon Ship / Couple — Bill Weasley / Fleur Delacour

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Veni, Vidi, Vici

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hp typography (2/?) → silver trio + draco
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ollivander’s challenge - final prompt

yeah, that’s me. ron weasley, harry potter’s stupid friend.

“he must have known i’d want to leave you.”
"no, he must have known you would always want to come back.”

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headcanon that james potter matured from his immature younger self and helped save snape from most likely being killed by remus and supported remus because he couldn’t find a job and fought against voldemort not only because he loved a muggle-born but because it was the right thing to do and oH WAIT that’s canon hmm i almost forgot james was more than an “arrogant bullying toe rag who constantly picked on snape”

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It was not, after all, so easy to die.
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Harry Potter Colors: Blue

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"First, to Ronald Bilius Weasley, I leave my Deluminator, a device of my own making, in hope that - when things seem most dark - it will show him the light.”

"To Miss Hermione Jean Granger, I leave my copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard, in hope that she will find it entertaining and instructive.”

"To Harry James Potter, I leave the Snitch he caught in his first Quidditch match at Hogwarts, as a reminder of the rewards of perseverance and skill.”

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