“It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more.”
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mischief managed

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Harry Potter films colours - Philosopher’s Stone (1/?)

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Harry Potter - the deceased

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"I love magic.”

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Harry Potter ± colors abound

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make me choose: dilaurentison asked me rupert grint or ian somerhalder?


     And do one more thing for us, Sirius. There’s a little boy waiting for his mum and dad to
wake up. He’s going to be waiting a long while. We want you to take him and raise him as
you would your own. And tell him a story. Tell him about the girl and boy who hated each
other. Tell him about how the stag fell in love with the doe. Tell him about how they fought
to protect him. Tell him about how they sacrificed themselves so that he could live. Tell him
that his mum and dad love him. Tell him they’ll always be with him in his heart. Tell him
                  this is the story of Lily and James Potter, and this is how it ends.
                                                              Your mates,
                                                         James & Lily Potter

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Make Me Choose: asked Harry potter or the hunger Games

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ϟ Favorite Triwizard task - The Second Task

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